This virtual run is a murder mystery whodunnit themed run. The challenge is to run/walk 40kms. All finishers will receive an AWESOME medal.


Your downloadable event pack contains:

  • Initial Plot for the Murder Mystery Story;
  • Running Retreat timetable;
  • Running Retreat hand-drawn Detective's map;
  • Detective's notes for 6 suspects;
  • Autopsy results;
  • Four additional challenges; and
  • Additional evidence packs for 6 suspects. 


For each suspect you receive a base set of Detective's Notes that record initial issues the Detective has noted that they want to follow up on.  Once you have completed the additional challenges then open the additional evidence pack for that suspect in order to access further clues from the Detective's record of interview.


Once you have completed your 40kms email and confirm the postal details for your finisher's medal to be sent to you. 


If you are playing along with the Murder Mystery story, also provide your guess as to who the murderer is and we will email you back and confirm whether you are correct.  For this Murder Mystery there is only 1 murderer and it is one of the 6 suspects provided.  

Murder Mystery Virtual Run