Our Virtual Challenge running throughout November!!!


The Amazing Chase is a team-based virtual challenge of between 2-4 people per team. Each team will nominate a team name as well as a team captain and leg it to 8 destinations around Australia and New Zealand.  Every member in the winning team will receive an acrylic 1st place plaque. Every participant who completes the challenge will receive a finishers medal.


The challenge is inclusive for all ages and fitness levels.  There will be a leaderboard with points awarded for particular challenges.  The leaderboard will be updated daily so teams can see where they sit.


Each team member is required to run/walk a minimum of 2.5km before the team can continue to the next destination and collect 5 points. This is a minimum of 20kms of walks/runs throughout November.  It is up to the team captain to make sure the team has completed the km’s and challenges before asking for the next destination, no evidence is required.


Each destination will come with a choice of two challenges, a main challenge and an alternative challenge. Challenges are non-compulsory but points will be earned for each challenge. A main challenge earns the team 20 points whilst the alternative, easier challenge will earn the team 10 points.

The Amazing Chase Virtual Run