About Runnovation 

Runnovation started as a display memorabilia business that focused on inventing bespoke and special ways to display your sporting achievements and memories.  Runnovation now offers virtual runs, online running coaching and maintains a fitness blog. 


All of Runnovation's medal display products are made from high quality acrylic and are manufactured in beautiful Western Australia.  Runnovation is constantly coming up with innovative and creative ways to display medals, bibs and other sporting memorabilia which you can find in our online store.  

The man behind Runnovation is Craig Barrett.  Craig has been a plastics fabricator for over 20 years with a talent for unique design.  Craig is also an ultramarathon runner and particularly enjoys running on trails through the Western Australian bush and participating in fitness events for various charities. In 2019, Craig took the leap by completing his running coach certification through Athletics Australia and has been helping athletes meet their running goals ever since.

Runnovation's vision is to motivate and promote a healthy lifestyle and mindset through achievement in sport - so no matter what your preferred sport is, Runnovation can assist you by providing quality display products, some fun virtual events to keep you motivated throughout your year or a laugh in one of our blog posts.