Secret Rocky Runners Salt Lakes City Limits - Event Debrief

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Today was the second annual Salt Lakes City Limits event organised by the Secret Rocky Runners. This trail running event is held on the salt lakes 'flats' at Lake Walyungup, Baldivis - we use the term flats lightly because any runner or walker who is familiar with the trails will know that they are anything but flat! Runnovation had the pleasure of being invited to have a pop up shop at the event, along with other suppliers from the sports and health industries. Reminiscent of last year, the weather was a little bit wild with some rain and windy conditions. This did not deter 34 athletes from taking on the 24km distance, 105 athletes from taking on the 12km distance and 82 athletes from taking on the 5.8km distance and many enthusiastic children taking on the kids' dash. All reports from the event were overwhelmingly positive, with athletes reporting enjoying the course, organisation and the pop up shops.

One other thing that many athletes seemed very happy with was the awesome, spinning race bling. If you competed in the Salt Lakes City Limits this year and you are looking for a unique way to display that triangular spinning gold, head over to our online store and check out our awesome display products.

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