Every Day Your Way is our 2021 year long challenge! The challenge we're setting down for you is to be active EVERY DAY of 2021. Can you do it?  


All deliberate physical activity counts - so whether you're someone that lives at the gym, is addicted to yoga or likes to dance an hour away all of your efforts count! 


You will be rewarded with an AMAZING medallion with a spinning cog representing the daily grind of staying active!  There are three levels of medallion depending on how much activity you complete in 2021:

BRONZE - between 1 - 255 days of activity in 2021 (1-70% of days being active).
SILVER - between 256 - 328 days of activity in 2021 (70.1-90% of days being active).
GOLD - between 329 - 365 days of activity in 2021 (90.1-100% of days being active). 


For non-standard T-Shirt sizing options please contact us. 

Feel free to join our awesome community of Runnovators completing different virtual challenges - join the Runnovation Virtual Challenges and Events Facebook Group via the link below:



  • You do not need to send us proof of your kms as we work on an honesty system.  Therefore you also do not need to log kms with us. You log them however you normally keep track of your activities.  We will request that you send us a message or email in December 2021 to let us know whether you have completed the challenge at Bronze, Silver or Gold level. 
  • On registration please check your junk folder for a confirmation email. 
  • Please take care to enter your details correctly such as email address and postal address.
  • The address listed is the postal address that your medal will be posted to. Similarly, if you change address throughout the year and you need to have your medal posted to an alternative address, please let us know!
  • For any postal address corrections, please contact enquiries@runnovation.com.au ASAP. 

Every Day Your Way 2021 Challenge

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