Our Mind & Body Virtual Challenge proudly supports the Guillain Barre Syndrome Foundation of Australia.  Guillain Barre Syndrome is a rare autoimmune disease and the GBS Foundation of Australia do fantastic work to support patients and research activities into finding a cure.  Runnovation is donating $5 from every Mind & Body Virtual Challenge entry to the GBS Foundation of Australia.


The focus of the Mind & Body Virtual Challenge is on being active every day and doing a minimum of 1 minute of meditation daily.   It does not matter what physical activity you do or how much you do (although a daily minimum of 30 minutes is ideal) we would just love for you to stay active.  


When you register you will receive a file with the following information:

  • A list of 31 additional activities that promote positive physical or mental health;
  • Beautiful images that accompany those 31 positive health messages;
  • A mandala that you can complete for each day of your challenge completed if you choose to do so;
  • A word document containing evidence based reasons why meditation is beneficial to your health and a list of free apps that you can use as a resource to assist your meditation practice.


This challenge does not require evidence for its completion - all you need to do is email us when you have completed it and we will send you your beautiful chakra finishers medal.  Please send the completion email to enquiries@runnovation.com.au.  

Mind & Body Virtual Challenge