The first in our retro horror series, The Running Dead! This spooky virtual run challenges you to run, walk, swim or cycle at least 1km each day throughout the month you participate in to avoid becoming a zombie. The challenge is to get to the end of June without being bitten, meaning you've been active every day throughout the height of winter.   If you do miss a day, don't panic! There are additional challenges provided for you to complete throughout the challenge to become human again if you do get bitten.

Every participant will receive a GLOW IN THE DARK finishers medal! Awesome!! Use your BRAAAIIINNNNNSSSS and register now!

The Running Dead is conducted through our mobile phone app.  On registration you will need to download the Wix app and join Runnovation.  You do this by selecting My Account > Join with an invite code > CSVOHX.  Go to the Challenges tab and request to join the Running Dead.

You do not need to send us proof of your kms as we work on an honesty system.  On registration please check your junk folder for a confirmation email.  Please also check the address listed as this is the postal address that your medal will be posted to.  For any postal address corrections, please contact 

The Running Dead Virtual Challenge