Confessions of an Undertrained Athlete - Episode 1

As some of you may recall I ran the 2019 City to Surf marathon with next to no training and wrote all about my experience in a blog. Here is the link if you're interested.

It wasn't meant to be like this, I had a training plan but time got the better of me. And I've come to realise that I'm not alone in this shameful misconduct. There are so many of us out there ... You'll normally find us way too close to the startline. Much closer than we deserve to be in a vain attempt to mask our soon-to-be failure and if delusion had a scent we would be reeking of it.

So I've set my sights on a new goal. The Margaret River Ultra 80km in May 2020 and I fully intend to put in the necessary training for this event. So welcome to "Confessions of an Undertrained athlete" which will be a weekly update of my progress leading up the main event.

This week started out in the usual fashion where something had gotten in the way of my training. I was sick for the majority of the week and had the energy stores of a cube of ice that had melted some time ago and was now a lonely puddle on the floor that was rapidly evaporating.

I managed 10km on Friday which was strangely strong and got out again today (Sunday) and displayed a running form that resembled a drunken slinky rolling down a staircase.

In my defence, I was pushing a running pram complete with our 11 month old into a strong headwind and was acting as a support runner to my partner Nicola ... but was put on notice after several close calls where I almost ran her off the footpath and into the scrub.

We will see what next week brings...

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