Confessions of an Undertrained Athlete - Episode 2

So, this week wasn’t great. In fact I could liken it to watching a Nickelback concert. Sure, it starts off with promise but 3 minutes in you begin to wonder what the fuck you’re doing there and then by about the 8 minute mark you wish you could summon a demon to take you away to hell just to get some respite and make the pain go away.

I felt better health-wise this week but it took me until Thursday to feel 100% after an unknown illness which robbed me of a kilogram or two.

I set out on Monday for a 5km recovery run to ease the week in. Work started to mount up from all directions and aside from the run I didn’t finish the work day until after 10pm. Tuesday was a rest day and I rested up with another 18 hour plus work day.

By Wednesday I was starting to feel the fatigue creeping in like a Nickleback fan tries to creep into normal society. I joined Nics and her Mum in a short hill repeat session. As I had 16 to 18km on my training plan I chose to walk to keep my legs fresh. I got back to work and yet again went through to beyond 10pm and didn’t manage to get back out.

Thursday was a repeat version of what the previous three days had become with some added pressure coming in. Friday went a little better with a 10km Runnovation group run and it felt like heaven. To just be able to run without trying to do three things at once was a welcome change of pace.

I would love to say that Saturday and Sunday saw my schedule open but the reality of it was that it didn’t. Trying to fit catch-up work into having some family time proved very difficult. It feels as though I haven’t seen much of my 11 month old this week so that took priority this weekend and I fear I didn’t deliver on that plan so well either.

I felt much like a sensible person would who is walking out of said Nickelback concert ... completely drained, full of regret and desperately wanting my time back so I could put it to better use.

At this point in time, being after 9pm on a Sunday with more still to do (haven’t even thought about dinner yet) and another 4:20am wake up I don’t have the answer. I need to fit an increasingly demanding training plan into an increasingly demanding work life whilst maintaining my family life.

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